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Software Developer

We are looking for someone who is passionate about software development!

Full-time · Amersfooort

As an experienced Software Developer, you have a wide range of opportunities. Do you find a job with variation? Plenty of challenge? A good employer? Working on a mission-critical SaaS suite? Or do you want the freedom to work with your own tooling?

Or maybe you refuse to compromise and just want it all…

That, and more, is what Sqills can offer you. At Sqills we are looking for an experienced Software Developer who wants to work with the latest techniques and wants to continue challenging themselves.

An innovative way of working

At Sqills, teams have the freedom to choose the language and tools they work with. We are currently working with a combination of Java, Kotlin, Go and Rust (for React see our other vacancy). We often use IntelliJ or related products such as IDE. We use a mix of Jenkins and AWS tools (such as CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy) for our CI/CD pipelines.

We use Terraform, Cloud development Kit and Kubernetes, among others, to manage the infrastructure within AWS. Our infrastructure is a combination of traditional services, Lambda, and managed services such as DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, RDS, AmazonMQ, Cloudwatch and ELB.

We monitor services in production using New Relic, Sentry, Kibana, Prometheus and PagerDuty. We also have a custom-built front-end that integrates these monitoring tools and visualises fully distributed traces to help us analyse errors in our microservice landscape.

Secure development, architecture, performance, and resiliency are the cornerstones common to the different teams. This ensures that our software will continue to meet and exceed expectations in the future.

What will you do?

You will be part of one of the Agile DevOps teams. Teams consist of a combination of Developers, Testers and a Product Owner. As a team, you are responsible for the complete development and management cycle.

Together you work on (backend) microservices in the AWS Cloud. Because you work with software that handles hundreds of requests per second (high performance), your work continues to be challenging.

Some of the things you are responsible for are include:

  • Designing and implementing microservices for S3 Passenger;
  • Translating functionalities into software solutions and bridging the gap between desired functionality and technical solution;

At Sqills we focus on quality. This is reflected in the ownership our team members have for their own microservices, but also in the fact we have extensive requirements for developing components.

Because our software offers the complete inventory, reservation and ticketing suite for our international customers, our focus on quality is especially important.

We are looking for someone with…

  • Bachelor’s degree in both working and technical proficiency (e.g. HBO ICT, Computer Science, Business Intelligence, Technical Management);
  • Experience with Java, Go, Kotlin or Rust, JavaScript
  • Experience with SaaS applications, experience with microservice architecture is a plus;
  • Knowledge of AWS;
  • Experience with the build / deploy pipeline;
  • Passionate about the following concepts: serverless, monitoring, secure development, high performance and high availability;
  • Prefer a curious approach to work, you are someone who enjoys sharing new knowledge;
  • Good communication skills in English;
  • Experience with JIRA, Confluence is a plus.


Our software is complex enough, applying for a job shouldn’t be. That's why we'll only ask for a name, a phone number or email adres.


Having our microservices running on AWS makes us scalable for any customer anywhere in the world.


Spend more time on code, less with debugging.


Writing less code is always good - less is more.


Version management...what else would you use?


Runs all of our code in many containers in a microservice landscape