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Software Tester Traineeship

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Full-time · Amersfoort

As a software tester, you are a crucial component in the software development process. End-users see that Sqill’s S3 Passenger suite functions as it should, but to deliver truly excellent software that stands out? That requires a little extra. That means that we need someone who can cast a critical glance at our code. Are you someone who is both critical and analytical? Someone who wants to contribute to increasing the overall quality of our software? Do you want to work with a company that stands at the forefront of software testing?

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Previously, a software tester manually determined whether software met the minimum set of requirements. Oftentimes this meant manual testing, looking at the functional aspects. In today’s market, methodologies such as DevOps and Agile mean that we need a new generation of software testers. The number of tools for test automation keeps increasing.

This new generation of testers needs to understand automated testing, must be able to work alongside others in teams and must be strong communicators. The tester of the future knows how to use their technology, but also brings a healthy dose of insight and feeling to the table. If you want to dive into this challenging field, you might just be our next trainee.

"I originally studied Psychology and graduated with a master’s degree in Human Factors & Engineering Psychology. I learned a lot about the human component of technology, but I also wanted to know more about the technical side. The traineeship software tester allowed me to start without requiring any truly technical education.

The reason I stayed, and still enjoy working with Sqills, is because I am challenged continually. You continue to learn new things while working here. The decision to introduce new techniques is often along the lines of “just try it” and seeing if we can benefit from it. This ensures that the work you do is constantly innovative and challenging."

Lisanne - Former trainee - current software tester

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