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System engineer

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As a System Engineer at Sqills you will be responsible for the technical support of our S3 Passenger platform together with your colleagues from the Product Support team. You will also be a source of information for your own S3 Passenger environments. A constantly changing landscape is a challenge for you and along with the team you will come up with the best solutions for our customers.

You will set up and configure new S3 Passenger environments using state-of-the-art tools. Because of their strong growth, these systems must be able to scale and remain manageable. In addition to continuity and up-time, security also plays a major role. You will also support customers with technical requests and make sure their environments are equipped with the latest Sqills built components.

We are looking for someone with

  • Bachelor’s degree in both working and technical proficiency
  • Knowledge of AWS and Linux;
  • Experience with Docker;
  • Knowledge of Ansible and Terraform to get a good start;
  • Knowledge of SQL, Kubernetes and Python is a plus;
  • HBO work and thinking level;
  • 3 to 5 years of work experience in a similar position;
  • You contribute ideas to the team and jump in where necessary;
  • Customer-oriented skills: you like to help customers;
  • A healthy dose of inquisitiveness and creativity: you want to come up with the best solutions;
  • Pragmatic, flexible and solution-oriented ability


We use Ansible to automate our complex deployments. This enables us to deploy releases during office hours without downtime.


Having our microservices running on AWS makes us scalable for any customer anywhere in the world.


Runs all of our code in many containers in a microservice landscape.


Our orchestrator that handles everything needed to run the Docker containers.


Infrastructure as code, because we don't like doing everything by hand.

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